About Us


ABC Pediatrics of Florida is a State of the Art PPEC medical daycare facility that focuses on childcare and development for children with medically complex needs.

By providing best practice interventions, our nurses and therapists help each child meet their healthcare goals so that they can develop, thrive and grow.

Under the supervision of medical professionals, our PPEC center provides compassionate nursing intervention, medical attention and therapy services, and is a less costly alternative to in-home nursing care, resulting in an exceptional experience for our children and their families.

ABC Pediatrics of Florida provides up to 12 hours of daily care, 7-days a week, and round-trip transportation to and from the facility. This allows parents and guardians the flexibility to return to work, school, or attend to other responsibilities.

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care services in Miami

A typical day at ABC Pediatrics of Florida consists of:

  • Professional care in a child friendly environment
  • Nursing assessment and vital signs
  • Medication and treatment administration
  • Therapies
  • Play activities enhancing fine, gross motor, oral motor, and language development skills
  • Meal times and snacks
  • Nap and rest times

We pride ourselves in celebrating all national holidays and birthdays, tailoring the experience to each child’s physical and emotional needs, while observing their cultural and family traditions.

ABC Pediatrics of Florida provides culturally sensitive, compassionate nursing care regardless of ability to pay. Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish and Creole. We are located in the northwest Miami vicinity.

ABC Pediatrics of Florida is a Medical Daycare that focuses on child development and well-being

All children need love, should be treated with dignity and respect, and are entitled to have more than just their basic needs met. All children deserve to be heard and to live a life free from pain. All children deserve to grow… physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All children deserve to be happy!!!


Through delivery of compassionate health care, we acknowledge the healing presence of God.


Creating an environment that fosters growth and development in both the staff and families we serve. We strive to meet and exceed our goals in patient care, staff development and commitment to our community.


We believe in the dignity of people and strive to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and their families. By servicing the most vulnerable in our population, we strive to improve the quality of our community.