Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) programs are designed for children with special medical needs that cannot be met by a regular school or daycare, parent, or adult caregiver at home.

The number one criteria for PPEC qualification is a medical diagnosis by a qualified physician.

PPECs are State Licensed and Regulated under the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) and are 100% covered by Medicaid or health insurance.

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care in Miami
Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care services in Miami
ABC PEDIATRICS of FLORIDA’S GOAL is to provide quality care for your child in a warm, caring and safe environment. You can expect our staff to:

  • Develop, by your child’s health care team and you, an individualized plan of care for treatment with attainable and measurable goals
  • Schedule interdisciplinary meetings to discuss your child’s progress
  • Liaison on behalf of your child with community resources
  • Provide a safe, professional, and caring environment for your child
  • Provide pediatric experienced, licensed health care professionals
  • Listen to you and your child
  • Treat you and your child with respect and dignity
  • Strive to help your child reach his/her potential for wellness and growth and development
  • Educate the family caregiver to better meet the needs of the child
  • Respect you and your child’s privacy and uphold HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality